The untold stories of IPL Cheerleaders- IPL news Hindi

Indian Premier League is one platform which has succeeded in bringing cricketers from all around the world to come on a common platform to work as a t

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Indian Premier League is one platform which has succeeded in bringing cricketers from all around the world to come on a common platform to work as a team and not as opponents. It gives us a glimpse of how a sport can unite nations. Those who otherwise play against each other in cutthroat competition can play harmoniously in the same team as well. But what we have understood from this game, that it’s not only about cricket. It’s about glamour and glitz as well. Every year glamour quotient is going up. One reason for the same may be the involvement of big names from the entertainment industry. Names like Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Juhi Chawla and many more. Not to forget Ambanis are an indispensable part of this tournament.

While talking about IPL we talk about everything from IPL point table to IPL fixtures and  IPL standings. But what we have never spoken about is IPL cheerleaders. These are those girls who stand there waiting for some IPL best catch. Or one of the best knocks from the batsman so that they can do their work. They stand there in the corner with pom-poms to cheer for their respective team. They undoubtedly increase the glamour quotient of the match but still are a most neglected feature of this play. Dressed in glamorous skirts and dancing with every big shot is treat to watch.

However many new channels covering IPL news Hindi has made it a topic of controversy. It is believed that undoubtedly IPL matches are really high when it comes to entertainment quotient but there has been no denial that the game has injured many protocols of Indian culture. Many influential people in parliament have debated over the glamour quotient in IPL, and if you don’t know that one of the political personalities of Mumbai who used to be the godfather of Mumbai politics has gone to the extent that he called IPL as live cricket dance bar. In one of his statements, he said that he wonders if people visit stadiums to watch a match or the pom-pom dance of these IPL cheerleaders.

The untold story of IPL cheerleaders

We worry about everything, from worrying about IPL batsman ranking to who will become the IPL highest score batsman to who took best IPL catches. Everything has been our matter of concern but I wonder if anyone of us has ever thought about the life of these cheerleaders which looks full of glamour and glitz. But if you sneak peak little closer in their lives you will get to know that it is not that fancy as we think it is. Those who perform well on fields get praised in the form of various awards and IPL caps like the orange cap but what about these cheerleaders none of us acknowledges their efforts and how they are made to stand to wait for best of the performances from the players of IPL all teams.

  • One of the IPL cheerleaders recalled how she gets into this profession. She told that she got into contact with one of the dance agencies of Mumbai to get the chance as a background dancer. But fate had something else for her in the store and instead of performing at the stage. They landed up performing here in the ground holding pom-poms in hand. But for survival in this glam industry, it is just not possible to not do anything while waiting for the right opportunity.
  • One of the cheerleaders stated that none of the players interacts with them. In fact, in this latest season of IPL cheerleaders have been debarred from interacting with the cricketers. But even before that cricketers just ignore them as if they don’t even exist on the ground.
  • The other says that how they have to wear a fake smile all the time to cheer for the players. They can’t even react on the nasty comments thrown on them by some in the crowd. She says that people try to take their pictures which they can’t deny. They try their best to block the view with their moves. It is very less likely that someone makes them laugh genuinely otherwise some time they just have to pretend.
  • One girl admitted that initially they were offered mere one-star hotel, where survival was very difficult. Not that officials are at fault but at the time the managers of these cheerleaders. They arrange such gross accommodation just to save the money. The money they get from officials for rather an expensive stay. But over the years the condition has improved and after constant talks.

All that look glittery and glamorous is not that pretty as it seems to be. Life behind the cushions is difficult and is not all that they expected when they came in this glamour world. But keeping these things aside there is no denial in the fact. They do make respectable money from each match which is more than sufficient to lead a comfortable life.