The Cricket Pod: Ravindra Jadeja could be biggest winner of India Team

Ravindra Jadeja is a player with a classical story of a battle between observations and the reality. He is known to be among the most teased cricketer

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Ravindra Jadeja is a player with a classical story of a battle between observations and the reality. He is known to be among the most teased cricketers on social media. Although he is also having a sort of inspirational journey and if we go back, August 2013 can be marked as the time when everything changed about him. All the teasers and trolls diminished, the country looks at the all-rounder, as the symbol of hope for the Indian team when the team was in hardship. All this happen when Jadeja reached the first position in ICC one-day international (ODI) best bowler ranking after the Champions Trophy victory in England and from then he affirmed his spot as an all-rounder.

His journey towards fame is described in two conflicting ways. Being a Son of a watchman and losing his mother at an early age, he tramped it out for Saurashtra, and was a part of India Under-19 team and won the World Cup in 2008. Finally, he earned his place in international cricket at the after participating in Indian Premier League (IPL). So, he went to become a part of the latest cricketer and added to the long list of small-town cricketers. That made him big at the national level. His journey can also be described in another way.  Ravindra Jadeja is the one who was professed to be glorified, disqualified for a year for negotiating with IPL teams. He was later bought by Chennai Super Kings at a wonderful price of $2 million without a five-wicket haul to his name.


Jadeja had played many matches winning innings but also got a very negative perception. Among some backdated matches where he played very bad innings that lead to India’s loss. His slow pace scoring, cause a 3 run loss in T20 against England. He was also the main reason behind the famous loss against Australia. Where Sachin Tendulkar scored 175 are some examples of it.


Jadeja’s rise can only be credited from the immense assistance he received from MS Dhoni. Who saw him from quarters even during the IPL. Many members questioned his presence in the final Test against England at Nagpur. But, later in the series against Australia, with 24 wickets in four Tests. He proved his courage as it was just the start of a dream run for him in 2013.

What makes him special?

When you see him bowl, there’s very little you could be stressed over. He is anything, but a remarkable turner of the ball and he doesn’t have a riddle conveyance. That can keep the batsmen speculating and hunting down answers. In any case, Ravindra Jadeja knocking down some pins is one that character requests of the cutting-edge time. Where going away the runs outweighs wickets, in any event in the restricted overs matches. For long, batsmen kept on belittling his exactness. Losing their wickets and strolling back to the structure pondering what was so extraordinary about his rocking the bowling alley? Dhoni has always alluded to the all-rounder as the person who keeps it straight and straightforward. Precision, change of pace and perusing the batsman are among the fundamental hardware’s utilized by him. It is to disassemble the protection of value batsmen.

Michael Clarke in the Test arrangement in March (where Clarke was rejected five times). Mahela Jayawardene in the Champions Trophy semi-last. Have all died to him and have neglected to peruse his line. The arm-ball that edges into a right-gave batsman and beats them. With all-around camouflaged pace is a treat to watch.

In the Champions Trophy this year, he sizzled with his inside and out the execution. He earned the brilliant ball grant for his 12 wickets which incorporated a Man-Of-he-Match execution in the last against England. Having finished 50 wickets in ODIs this year and 100 generally in this configuration. Ravindra Jadeja has without a doubt turned the tables to end up a match-victor and Dhoni’s go-to bowler.