Is IPL fixed- Some IPL standings to be known

The new era of cricket began with the inception of Indian Premier league way back in 2008. More than a cricket it has become the market where millions

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Kochi franchiseThe new era of cricket began with the inception of Indian Premier league way back in 2008. More than a cricket it has become the market where millions are invested by top celebrities, entrepreneurs, and some ultra-rich personalities. There is a lot of money invested with each match and losing any match can cost a lot to the investors. There used to be times when cricket was not a rich game as compared to golf and football, but now it has left all the sports behind and is way ahead of any other sport in terms of money and entertainment level. Many people claim that IPL fixed and with each match. Never ever we heard that investors are buying the players but IPL auction helped us in witnessing that as well, it seems that it is rebirth of cricket.

Is IPL fixed

Lalit Modi, the man behind Indian Premier League made it a point to bring the level of this game to the skies, and he outperformed his expectations even. He single-handedly managed all the affairs, and to elevate the level of IPL, he took it to South Africa in its second season only. Even the Badshah of Bollywood couldn’t stay away from such glamour and lucrative investment option, he owned a team Kolkata knight riders. Not only Shahrukh Khan but big business tycoons Ambanis couldn’t resist is glamour business, and they successfully ventured in Mumbai Indians. However, with glamour, money, and big names comes the controversy.

Even IPL is not spared and controversies started doing the rounds since the time it began. However, controversies took a toll when after the third addition new two teams were added with a combined price of $700 million, it raised many questions and led to the debate that from where such huge money is coming from. And that is when speculations of money laundering and Ipl being fixed started doing the rounds. And the whopping amount at which players were being bought added fuel to the fire. In the fourth edition of IPL, one of the Indian players was bought for 2.4 million dollars. And other players too got a good amount of money.

Is IPL fixed

Apart from that, they made huge money while playing IPL. The money was so huge which some of the players were not able to earn while playing regular matches. Whether the team is losing or winning but IPL all teams are making huge money and are leaving everyone perplexed.

With each passing year,r Indian Premier League is getting fancier and costlier. Leave aside the hefty amount which cricketers and investors earn. Even the IPL umpire salary and IPL cheerleader’s salary has become enormous. Many people claim that IPL fixed and with each match. It is pre-decided which team will win or loss. But if we look at the bigger picture is it actually possible to fix the entire season? If yes, then what about those best catches in IPL history that we cherish or what about the batsman ranking. That we wait to see at the end of every IPL season. I wonder if it is possible that the entire IPL history is fixed. I really don’t think so, we don’t say that everything is fair but to fix the entire season seems impossible.


Leave aside fixing the entire season, to fix one particular match even it requires all 22 players. The three umpires to be at one side, which is unlikely to happen. However, we do agree that spot-fixing is possible and we have witnessed the instances. When Sreesanth and two other players were caught spot-fixing but it is unlikely to fix the entire game. IPL is not a small game, it is a very big and huge source of entertainment. Also, it is almost impossible to fix the entire season.

It is really unfair to categorize all the players in the same category. Only a few of them fall under the same. IPL undoubtedly is the game of glamour, entertainment, and money. But these things do not qualify the IPL season to be the fixed one. A lot of people are behind the successful IPL series, there are people who are responsible for IPL fixtures. It would be really unfair for them if few of us just randomly anticipate that the IPL season is fixed.

Players work really hard to win those IPL caps, till the last match every player makes sure to be the IPL highest score batsman, fielders try to take the best IPL catch so as to enter in the list of those players who made it to best IPL catches. But if by chance any of our favourite players fails to become the IPL highest run scorer or fails to get that orange cap or even accidentally drop the catch, we as viewers call them as part of fixing. We forget how hard they have played to elevate their team on the IPL point table and to make their IPL standing significantly.